COVID-19 Safety Plan (Updated)

All Clients are REQUIRED to:

  1. Inform AcuDynamics Wellness staff if they have a sudden onset of sore throat, fever or any other possible Covid-19 symptoms when arriving at or during their treatment. Anyone who is sick, will not be permitted into the office.
  2. Wait OUTSIDE until their appointment time. Please text when you arrive and your practitioner will unlock the door and let you inside. Waiting in the reception area is not presently allowed if you arrive early for your appointment.
  3. Use hand sanitizer upon entering and before leaving the office. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance and in the treatment area of the office.
  4. Read, date and sign a Covid-19 Consent to Treat form before their first appointment.
  5. Undergo a Covid-19 Health & Risk Assessment to ensure the proper health and safety for everyone. A) The day before their appointment as well as, B) Upon arrival at their appointment. (Including a Daily Health Declaration, a temperature scan (and a blood oxygen level scan – if needed).
  6. Adhere to all Covid-19 safety protocols while at their appointment.
  7. Arrive at their appointment ALONE. Family (spouses, siblings, children, etc…), friends and pets will not be permitted into the office as AcuDynamics Wellness has implemented a 2 person occupancy capacity in the office during Covid-19.
  8. Wear a THREE-LAYERED FACE MASK while at AcuDynamics Wellness. If you do not arrive with a THREE-LAYERED FACE MASK, you can purchase one for $2.00. (NOTE: A 3-layered mask with FOLDS is ideal. The N95 varieties can make it difficult to comfortably lay face down during appointments. NO two-layered masks, plastic masks, or masks with ‘valves’ are permitted)
  9. Maintain the 2 meter (six feet) personal distancing before and after treatment.
  10. Place all personal belongings in the bin provided. (This is to remove any possibility of passing on the virus from any clothing or belongings.)  It is recommended that you only bring what you need to your appointment. (Ie: Yourself and your 3-layered mask (if you have one), your keys, cellphone, a pen and your payment).
  11. Please avoid wearing superfluous or bulky jewelry or bringing shopping bags or items that are unnecessary for your appointment.

AcuDynamics Wellness has:

  1. Done our best to assess and address risks that come with resuming operations.
  2. Implemented (and will continually monitor) the following protocols and safety measures, to minimize the risk of both airborne and surface transmission in accordance with the Provincial Health Officer of BC, Worksafe BC and our Industry and Professional Associations (CTCMA and ATCMA) by:
  • – Continuing to adhere to the Clean Needle Technique for the practice of Acupuncture
  • – Limiting the occupancy of the office to two people and prohibiting any visitors that would exceed the COVID-19 occupancy limit
  • – Reducing the number of daily appointments to allow for thorough disinfection between appointments
  • – Placing visual markers on the floor of 2 metre physical distances
  • – Posting signage on personal distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizing and covering of coughs and sneezes
  • – Installing a plastic sneeze barrier in the reception area
  • – Removing unnecessary shared items (magazines, handheld mirror, washroom key)
  • – Requiring practitioners to wear a uniform or lab coat as well as THREE-LAYERED FACE MASK (and a face shield, if necessary) when treating clients
  • – Requiring practitioners to have good hygiene practices, perform frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing, have a daily health-check and to stay home if sick
  • – Providing hand sanitizer at the entrance and in the treatment area for clients and staff
  • – Cleaning disinfecting or laundering all treatment equipment and surfaces after each use
  • – Implementing a rigorous cleaning schedule for common areas and high-touch surfaces
  • – keeping a thorough list of client appointments, should contact tracing be required
  • – Having staff complete World Health Organization (WHO) online courses in: a) Standard Precautions: Hand Hygiene, b) COVID-19: How to put on and remove Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and c) Standard Precautions: Environmental cleaning and disinfecting

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