Qi beauty

The Qi beauty Facial Treatment is a unique age-control experience unlike anything else. The Facial Treatment is both luxurious and effective, a needle-free treatments with noticeable results that are sustainable with ongoing Qi stimulation.

The Facial Treatments have the potential to change the appearance of the skin by improving skin conditions such as broken capillaries, rosacea, fine lines, deep lines, pigmentation, uneven skin tones, large pores, loss of elasticity and tone and even assist in correcting uneven facial features. These needle free facials are based on the acupuncture facial and is complementary to other anti-aging treatments both surgical and non-surgical.

Qi beauty was developed in Australia and based from over 30 years of clinical experience and comparative trials spanning seven years.  The foundation product  is a ‘Qi Beauty Patch kit’, designed  to use at home to stimulate Qi in order to repair and rejuvenate tired stressed skin.

Qi beauty facial This unique system uses the clinical science of Acupuncture, the alchemy of gold and negative magnetic energy which activates Qi to stimulate cellular regeneration deep within the dermis layers.
Qi beauty is a cutting-edge alternative to those who do not want to use botox, fillers or surgery to maintain a more youthful appearance. Each Qi beauty treatment, uses a multitude of gold-plated micro-magnets, to hydrate, oxygenate and realign the cells of the layers of the dermis and is the first generation of products designed to allow men and women to have greater control over the way they age.

If you are looking for natural and organic products that are compatible with sensitive, damaged skin, look no further!   Qi beauty crèmes, oils and serums are comprised of some amazing super nutrients! For example: one of  our main ingredients  Qi beauty Gold Oil is often called a synergistic giant because it is the highest source of omega 7 with the ability to be absorbed through the skin, and our Marine Collagen serum stimulates Type III collagen deep down within the skin.

Aging is the result of energy loss. If we can increase the energy of the skin, we can change the way we age.” Qi beauty is all about energy renewal. The Qi beauty Home Kits place this process in the hands of women themselves.

My personal goal is to educate women so that they have an understanding of Qi and how it can be activated and directed for life-long age control. My dream is that Qi beauty will empower women and men to change their view of aging and see the positive effects of Qi stimulation on the way they look as they mature

-Founder and creator of Qi beauty, Kathy Pedersen

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