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  • Acupuncture with AcuDynamics Wellness

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What is an Acupuncture treatment like?

Our acupuncture treatment, (which we refer to as a ‘Body Tune-Up’), encompasses a variety of TCM healing techniques that care for your body as a whole, while still catering to your needs as an individual. For those who have never experienced acupuncture … we will be gentle with you and take time to acquaint you with the process. Read more about acupuncture…

What is a Qi beauty treatment like?

A Qi beauty treatment is a wonderfully relaxing no-needle facial rejuvenation ritual, that involves of gold-plated micro-magnets that are applied onto acupoints of the face to stimulate the restoration of Qi and vitality to your skin so that it looks fresh and alive! Read more about Qi beauty…

Why Choose AcuDynamics Wellness?

AcuDynamics Wellness focuses on providing treatments that help patients achieve a higher quality of life. Patients receive private one-on-one treatments in a warm relaxing atmosphere where the practitioner remains with the patient throughout the session. Our priority is to help you achieve balance, inside and out. Read more about us…

  • “Joanne, Thank you for an awesome treatment. I feel amazing! It was just the de-stressing I needed!”

    –E.M. -Vancouver, BC

  • “My ankle feels normal today. Thanks for the amazing session :)”

    –K.M. -Vancouver, BC

  • “That was fantastic! My neck is not sore at all anymore and I felt relaxed for the rest of the week!”

    –M.F. -Vancouver, BC

  • “As soon as you put those needles in the area near the back of my hip, the tension in my lower back subsided.”

    -A.N. -Vancouver, BC

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