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The Qi beauty facial treatment  combines magnetic meridian stimulation (using 1000 24Kt gold magnetic stimulators) with skin nutrients to reduce the signs of aging.

We begin by choosing the matrix that is best suited to you. Then, each 1000 gold-plated magnet matrix design, is adapted to your skin and its present conditions. And we will always take into consideration what facial region you would most like to focus on!


Qi beauty facial rejuvenation matrix designs:

  • – Anti-Ageing
  • – Detoxification
  • – Sensitive Skin
  • – Lip Lift
  • – Eye Lift
  • – Broken Capillaries
  • – Pigmentation
  • – Photo Ageing
  • – Scarring

We recommend a new client starts with a Qi detoxification treatment which is essential to the rejuvenation process.  If you have had poor response to previous facials, or  suffer from obvious fluid retention in the face we recommend one to two of these facials first.


Qi beauty
Home Patch Kit

Qi beauty
Eye Creme

Qi beauty
Clarity Cleanser

Qi beauty
Intense Oil

Qi beauty
Nourish Face Cream

Qi beauty
Hydrating Mist

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