“To relieve daily stress, I have received acupuncture treatments from Joanne. During the treatment, she was thorough and respectful of my needs because she only has the patient’s best interests at heart. … I have a fear on needles – so this goes to show how truly attentive Joanne is. As a result of her treatments, I have had immediate positive results which include feeling relaxed, while also alleviating my symptoms.”

-G.G. -Vancouver, BC

“My back feels amazing today! Wow, that persistent soreness is gone!”

-K.M -Vancouver, BC

“My ankle feels normal today. Thanks for the amazing session :)”

-K.M. -Vancouver, BC

“I found my first acupuncture treatment most relaxing, as it also included massage. Joanne even found some tight and tender muscles I did not realize I had. Overall, the experience was very positive, leaving me relaxed, pain free and enhancing my sleep. I will definitely have acupuncture again.”

-L.O. -Vancouver, BC

“As soon as you put those needles in the area near the back of my hip, the tension in my lower back subsided.”

-A.N. -Vancouver, BC

After being asked, ‘On a scale of one to ten, how do you feel after your treatment with Joanne’, the response was:
“Eleven! … my neck and joints are not aching at all … and I don’t feel cold anymore! … The treatment was great!”

-P.H. -Edmonton, AB

“That was fantastic! My neck is not sore at all anymore and I felt relaxed for the rest of the week!”

– M.F. -Vancouver, BC

“After a treatment from Joanne, I feel more relaxed, centered, and capable of accomplishing the many tasks in my hectic schedule. I wish my schedule allowed me to see Joanne more often.”

-C.K. -Vancouver, BC

“After even my first session with Joanne (which was actually my first ever acupuncture session) I felt great and relaxed. The entire experience was soothing. I was certainly in the hands of a professional.”

-M.B -Vancouver, BC

Joanne, Thank you for an awesome treatment. I feel amazing! It was just the de-stressing I needed!   

-E.M. -Vancouver, BC

Acupuncture REALLY helps me Joanne. My back and shoulders have been doing so good since I last saw you!

-E.M. -Vancouver, BC

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