Nutritional and Seasonal Rhythms – SPRING!!!

SPRING is the season of the beginning of small yang and is characterized by growth, movement and expansion. The body’s qi flows strongly again and seeks to expand freely.

Food during this season should supplement qi, allow it to course freely and support Liver and Spleen functions.


-Mildly warming foods with upbearing movement, such as: fennel, buckwheat, rice; or possible acrid flavours where there is accumulated dampness left over from the colder months (eg: garlic, paprika, ginger).

-Sour flavours because they stabilize Liver yin and can regulate uprising liver yang.

-Foods from the wood phase, green in colour with a neutral, cool or warm energy, such as: green tea, spinach, celery, as well as a little more raw foods and sprouts.

Wind is often the dominating weather effect during Spring and causes external wind disorders (colds and flu), which can be balanced with the mildly acrid flavours of green onions and ginger.

Foods to AVOID in the Spring

Energetically HOT and FATTY foods as the block Liver qi, as well as an excess of sour flavours.

A good rule to follow: Try choosing foods that are local and in season!!!

(Source: Chinese Nutrition Therapy. 2nd edition. J.Kastner)

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